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My Story

Like many people, I’ve loved animals all my life. For me it all started with our first two family cats, Blackie and Mr. Misty. Even though they were the family cats, it seems like they spent a lot of time on MY bed at night. They usually slept on my feet. Also, I’m from a semi-rural area back east where the neighborhood dogs were allowed to roam freely, so there were a lot of nice dogs to play with too until we got our own dog Rocky when I was in my teens.

I’ve always watched out for animals. One night when I was around 12, I heard noises from the farm next door. The farm had just gotten a new goat and he was making a lot of noise. He sounded like he might be in distress but it was the middle of the night and I wasn’t sure if I should wake everyone up….maybe it was nothing. But the frantic sound continued. I gathered my courage and woke my parents up to tell them. They were a little groggy but within 5 minutes they were on the phone to our neighbors. It turns out that some wild dogs had been attacking the goat and he couldn’t get away! Our neighbors were able to get their goat safely inside and treat his wounds. I had saved his life. What a happy feeling for a 12 year old!

Lots of birds, cats, dogs, fish and rats (my young daughter liked rats) later, I can say animals have added immensely to my life and I have done my best to do the same for them.

Animals are a precious gift to us humans and that is how I treat them. I believe in being kind to the dogs in my care, no matter what. And they reward me with wagging tails and snuggles!

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